Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Diet Jar

So I know we haven't updated this thing in AAAGES! There just hasn't been much to say. We have a beautiful baby boy that eats sleeps and poops! We also eat and poop and recently we've started sleeping again! Gabe is sleeping through the night and he started this ALL on his own! We didn't try to keep him up during the day or get him on any sort of schedule. He's naturally put himself on a schedule and everything! Looove it!

The REAL reason I'm writing this is to let you all know about our wonderful new family goal. It all started with a dream. Last night I was dreaming about dieting and how I was having a really hard time sticking to it. I was trying to come up with different things I could do and so in my dream I prayed for an answer. I got the answer that I should commit to no dessert/no fast food to 15 different people. When I broke those rules I had to send $1 to each person. $15 is pretty steep for a dessert or fast food. I definitely wouldn't break those rules if I had to pay FIFTEEN dollars every time!

After I woke up I got to thinking about the dream and realized this really is a great solution!! But then I realized that it costs money to send that $1 to the people I'd most want to commit to... and then it's really like $2 a person.. well you get the picture. I kept mulling this over in my head and thought, "Hey! Why don't I do this with Andy? He's trying to maintain his weight right now and we've both been doing horrible with desserts and eating out!"

I remembered we have a TON of jars in our pantry for canning
(and we never can anything). What a brilliant idea! I would write the "rules" on the jar and Andy and I would both have to pay up if we had a weak day. Andy was not happy at first with the idea of being so restricted and having to pay TEN dollars(I thought $15 was a little high) if he decided he wanted some ice cream. After much discussing we concluded that $10 definitely was high enough neither one of us would want to break it. His money comes from his ebay account where he's spent lots of time selling bike stuff so he can build up a new bike. My money comes from the massages I do which will be going towards baby things (like new clothes for Gabe.. he's growing SO fast!).

Here's the result:

"No TREATS(desserts)"

"Must have fruits or veggies at every meal"
"Must eat 3 meals a day"
"Juice only at breakfast"

Andy decided we needed something more.... "positive" also on the jar. But if you know me well you know that these are things Andy's been trying to get me to do since before we got married. I guess now's a good time to get started. The "No treats(desserts), fast food, soda" ones are valid 6 days of the week. We each have a free day where we can go a little crazy and not have to cough up $10. We'll see how this goes! I am definitely motivated to getting my butt in gear when it comes to these things! Working out is not a problem for either of us, but the diet is our weak side. WE LOVE SWEETS!!

That's all for now! Hope you enjoyed!