Monday, May 14, 2012

The New Place

Woohoo! We're (mostly) moved!! We LOVE our new place. There's so much more space now that there's actually places to store things! I don't have to stress so much about Gabe getting injured by clutter. We're in a ground floor condo and let me tell you! I love not walking up and down stairs all the time! It's delightful. Even more delightful is our very own washer and dryer!! Our clothes actually get clean! Even though it still costs money, I can guarantee it's cheaper than the old laundromat. Besides, our AC hardly ever has to turn on. We're not only on the bottom floor, but we're pretty shaded too. I love not having to run our AC all the time just to prevent sweating profusely.

Things are falling into place a lot quicker than expected. Still lots to do though! Our living room is pretty much set up! Gabe's room is probably the most put together. We got Sofia's crib up!! Our kitchen is mostly organized and our bedroom is looking like a bedroom. Andy even planted a potted garden on our back porch! It's all very exciting! Pictures will be coming soon!

We have had some problems with noisy upstairs neighbors. They like loud music and video games. After talking to them and several bangs on the ceiling we called the police. They have never been quieter. I hope it lasts!

Andy started his new job today! What a relief! Things are finally working out for us. So excited for the future! Just 4 more weeks until Sofia comes, although I'm really hoping she'll cone this weekend when I hit the big 3-7 week mark. That us if we can get our place in order by then.

Whelp! Time to lay down until the Goob wakes up. (he'll probably wake up as soon as I lie down.)

Have a great day world!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

It Gets Better

My heart is so full!! I am so grateful for the "It Gets Better" campaign members of the church have been doing. My whole life I've felt that most Latter-Day Saints don't love those with same gender attraction. This assumption started when the subject came up in a Sunday school class when I was a teenager. After saying one of my brothers was gay my peers said things like, "God made Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve" and "You need to tell him he needs to change." They made me feel like it was my duty to force him to be different. I remember feeling confused and heartbroken after that experience. I wasn't going to go home and tell my beloved brother he HAD to change. I loved him and I didn't want him to think otherwise. My wonderful Mother has always taught me to love someone to change, not force them, so this is what I did. I loved him. My brother didn't live with us at this time so I wrote him an email telling him just how much I loved him. Most importantly I told him that I loved him no matter what. He emailed me back telling me a huge burden had been lifted off his heart. He always thought because of our religion we wanted to burn him on the cross. How horrible of him to feel the need to think that. It makes me wonder what kind of impression others might have given him about our beliefs. We do not teach hate. We do not teach judgement or the putting down of others. In fact the teachings of the gospel are quite the opposite. I knew this and yet I still struggled for years thinking I was in the wrong for loving those with same gender attraction. After a lot of research, chats with local leaders, and seeing what the Prophets and Apostles have said on the subject I realized that I was not in the wrong. They teach us to love everyone despite their sins or struggles.

I wish videos like these came out sooner. I wish those who have and do struggle with same gender attraction could see that they have always been precious in the eyes of God. That they are not condemned to hell. This new campaign teaches that we do love unconditionally. I hope we can help people open their minds and really learn where we are supposed to stand on this subject. I hope that people will take the time to do the research, talk to their local leaders, and learn to love as Christ loves.

Here's the one from BYU students.

And here's the one from parents and family. 

I LOVE these videos! They are messages of hope! We all need a little hope in this life.

Friday, April 13, 2012


I'm blogging from my phone! That automatically makes me super cool, right? I actually feel like I accomplish more now that I have a fancy phone. It's been especially great for my prego brain. Yay for reminder alerts. :)

As for our little family, we are one big happy hormonal wreck. The pregnancy is almost over and we are all elated!! We are so excited to meet Sofia (and to not be pregnant anymore)! We all had a wonderful Easter and are looking forward to more holidays together. I am so excited to start our own traditions.

As for Gabe, he took his first step and has since decided to not repeat this epic event. He is standing on his own more and more though! I just hope he's walking before Sofia comes. He's also quite the talker when it comes to gibberish. He seems very interested in learning new sounds right now. He is LOVING his ABC books. He watches the reader's mouth very intently and the tries out some of the sounds. It's so wonderful watching him grow and learn. I am very glad for his interest in books. He'll sit and read with me or Andy for as long as we can stand it. :) There's no point in putting his books on his shelf either. He just pulls them all off first thing in the morning. But who needs a clean house when you have a happy baby?

That's our update! Maybe I'll post more now that I have this app. Don't get your hopes up though!