Friday, April 13, 2012


I'm blogging from my phone! That automatically makes me super cool, right? I actually feel like I accomplish more now that I have a fancy phone. It's been especially great for my prego brain. Yay for reminder alerts. :)

As for our little family, we are one big happy hormonal wreck. The pregnancy is almost over and we are all elated!! We are so excited to meet Sofia (and to not be pregnant anymore)! We all had a wonderful Easter and are looking forward to more holidays together. I am so excited to start our own traditions.

As for Gabe, he took his first step and has since decided to not repeat this epic event. He is standing on his own more and more though! I just hope he's walking before Sofia comes. He's also quite the talker when it comes to gibberish. He seems very interested in learning new sounds right now. He is LOVING his ABC books. He watches the reader's mouth very intently and the tries out some of the sounds. It's so wonderful watching him grow and learn. I am very glad for his interest in books. He'll sit and read with me or Andy for as long as we can stand it. :) There's no point in putting his books on his shelf either. He just pulls them all off first thing in the morning. But who needs a clean house when you have a happy baby?

That's our update! Maybe I'll post more now that I have this app. Don't get your hopes up though!

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