Monday, May 14, 2012

The New Place

Woohoo! We're (mostly) moved!! We LOVE our new place. There's so much more space now that there's actually places to store things! I don't have to stress so much about Gabe getting injured by clutter. We're in a ground floor condo and let me tell you! I love not walking up and down stairs all the time! It's delightful. Even more delightful is our very own washer and dryer!! Our clothes actually get clean! Even though it still costs money, I can guarantee it's cheaper than the old laundromat. Besides, our AC hardly ever has to turn on. We're not only on the bottom floor, but we're pretty shaded too. I love not having to run our AC all the time just to prevent sweating profusely.

Things are falling into place a lot quicker than expected. Still lots to do though! Our living room is pretty much set up! Gabe's room is probably the most put together. We got Sofia's crib up!! Our kitchen is mostly organized and our bedroom is looking like a bedroom. Andy even planted a potted garden on our back porch! It's all very exciting! Pictures will be coming soon!

We have had some problems with noisy upstairs neighbors. They like loud music and video games. After talking to them and several bangs on the ceiling we called the police. They have never been quieter. I hope it lasts!

Andy started his new job today! What a relief! Things are finally working out for us. So excited for the future! Just 4 more weeks until Sofia comes, although I'm really hoping she'll cone this weekend when I hit the big 3-7 week mark. That us if we can get our place in order by then.

Whelp! Time to lay down until the Goob wakes up. (he'll probably wake up as soon as I lie down.)

Have a great day world!