Sunday, January 30, 2011

Happy Birthday, Andy!


Today is the day we celebrate Andy's clumsy entrance into this world! He seems to think that because today is his birthday he needs to be treated like a god. Well, too bad Andy, you came to the wrong world. Do not pass go, do not collect two hundred dollars. Oh who am I kidding. I started spoiling him last week! As for celebrations, me and some friends threw him an awesome "green" party. (As seen above) Mostly everything was green! There was dyed dips and cake, green drinks, and almost everything else at the party. Here's a good picture to describe the intensity of the green.

Mallory did such a great job with the cake!

It was a small celebration with only a few close friends. However small it was still very enjoyable! Andy was even given his own personal concert by the famous Jensen Stenberg! Thanks to all those who came out to celebrate with us! I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. Today we will be celebrating with Andy's family! It should be another fun time.

As for news of the baby, I seem to be entering yet another growth spurt. Maybe the growth stays the same, but my eating habits say differently. Last night I came home from the party and ate a ton of lasagna(This is around midnight). Then I woke up this morning (around 9am) STARVING! So I decided to get up and feed the little devil. I ended up eating sausage and eggs with a large glass of milk. Who needs carbs? I'm realizing that at the beginning of each week I tend to eat a TON of food. As the week progressing my appetite lightens but my belly grows. By the end of each day you can actually see where I've stretched. I can't seem to keep up enough lotion on my belly to stop it from itching. Granted this could be from moving around all day and whatnot. I still say, this sucker is growing FAST!

There are definitely a lot of things that are unpleasant about being pregnant. So let's go over some of the positive events. This week I felt the baby move and even kick! I might have felt it before only not realizing what it was. A couple of times he kicked hard enough for me to feel it on the outside. Andy keeps putting his hands on my belly when it happens and saying, "I want to feel! Can I feel?" Unfortunately that's when the baby stops. We'll get it right soon enough though!

We hope you all enjoyed the BEAUTIFUL weather the last couple of days! It looks like winter has already returned. What a shame. Hopefully spring will come early this year!


  1. omg green cake i wish i could have come

  2. You forgot to mention that your baby is now GLOWING in green from all the dye we ate!!! HAHAHAHA