Thursday, January 13, 2011

It's a.... BOY!

Meet Gabriel Draper! A healthy hyper little boy! Yes, we are excited. He is due June 12th and we'll see if he decides to come on time. He still has a creepy looking face, but I am confident that with time, he will cuten up and win contests for cutest baby!

We are glad to be home relaxing after the busy holidays. We went to Dallas to visit Victoria's family for Christmas and then Connecticut to visit Andy's family. We enjoyed both trips very much! Maaaybe we enjoyed Connecticut slightly more due to the wonderful food we ate. Who can pass up delicious Italian food and pastries? Thankfully we were able to bring some cannoli home to enjoy at a later date. We were afraid the airport wouldn't let us bring our treats on the plane, but it wasn't a problem. In fact, the TSA people were only jealous that we had pastries from Mozzicato's. If I were them I'd of confiscated them. haha We also had the privilege of playing in the snow and meeting Bridget(Andy's 7 yr old cousin) for the first time. It also was Victoria's first time meeting that side of the Draper family. We like them and hope to attend Yale to have the opportunity to eat Italian food all the time and be close to family at the same time.
We hope you all had a wonderful and safe holiday! Sorry our blog is so boring.

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  1. I just noticed that your comments says "death threats" hahahahaha! It made my day. Now tell my brother to get lost so you and I can chat online some more!
    I am so excited for your little baby boy! He is going to be precious, despite what the ultrasound pics show.......